Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Piece of Cake

Ok, I blame Emma Lamb! Yesterday she was talking about cake: making cake on a wet Monday afternoon. So, not realising that I needed cake or even that the forecast for Edinburgh was rain, my new favourite cookbook was out and I was ready to make my day beautiful with a piece of cake.

'Under the Walnut Tree'
by mother and daughter, Anna and Fanny Bergenstrom

Thwarted by my lack of ingredients and the heavy rain showers that Emma so rightly predicted, running to the shop was not an option,  'A cake from Tuscany" was flipped over in favour of an improvised version of "Festive almond slices.' With more than a partial passion for a Bakewell Tart, I swapped the apricot jam for raspberry, spreading a good thick layer over the puff pastry, and topping it all with an almond paste, cream cheese and icing sugar mix. A few flaked almonds and perhaps a wee bit too much icing sugar were sprinkled on top.

Technically, not a cake but these were delicious!


  1. Thwarted … I had to look it up … I ordered this same cookbook about 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for it to be delivered because it was sold out! But I guess it is worth the long wait, the slices you made sound very good Lois!

    No rain here but temperatures went from freezing to spring like …

  2. Definitely worth the wait Marion. These little slices were so quick and easy to make and are so addictive! May even try another recipe this afternoon as it is pouring again! A wee bit warmer here today too.

  3. I will have to order this book, as Marion did. It looks wonderful!

  4. I really should be thanking Emma because these are so good and it may have taken me a while to work my way through all the other delicious recipes. But when she mentioned cake...



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